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5 star
The only regret you would have, buying or selling a home, is not choosing Traci as your realtor. Traci's service and appreciation is amazing before and long after she sells your home.

Traci, we simply cannot thank you enough and say enough good things about you. Not only did you help us through a successful new home purchase, you helped us sell our older trailer under some very tough economic conditions giving us the financial security and peace of mind to enjoy our lovely new dream home!!! I know it was not always easy as you paraded us through many showings, often with our exuberant children in tow, to find us the right home after years looking around. You were quick to respond, always available and ready to walk us through our questions and uncertainties after having a previous bad experience with realtors. I am convinced we made the right choice!!! Then you not only excelled in doing your job, but found the most creative, personal and thoughtful gift that we will truly cherish to fondly remember this time in our lives with our small children. Any realtor can thank you with a bottle of wine and flowers but you went well beyond that to give us something that cannot be duplicated or replaced and that we will be have to enjoy the rest of our lives... I CANNOT express how grateful and thankful I am for that kindness!!! You are truly the best!!! - The Luker Family

Upon purchasing my first home, I was definitely a little overwhelmed throughout the entire process. However, having Traci there with me quite literally every step of the way, made a potentially stressful experience into an amazingly exciting chapter of my life! Whatever I needed she delivered. From the smallest of details to the biggest, she had them covered. I really felt like she was looking out for me as a client and friend through the whole process. Not to mention the heartfelt and creative house warming gift she brought me once the dust has settled. It really left a glow over the whole home buying experience. And now, more than two years down the road, she's still reaching out to share her amazingly creative ideas that bring friends and community members together. I met a lovely new friend at one of her ladies appreciation nights where we learned how to make some exquisite desserts in the Earl's kitchen. Delicious is an understatement! Such a great time
Believe me, Traci is one amazing lady and she sure knows how to make your home buying experience a great one!! Thanks a million miss Traci

Where do I begin? Selling a home you've outgrown, and then finding the perfect new place for your family is a very challenging and sometimes frustrating endeavour; one with many twists and turns, and at times, ups and downs. And finding a realtor that has the patience not to strangle you along the way can be, even more challenging, especially if you're a member of our family! Haha
But thankfully that's what we found in Traci! 
In exactly two months she was able to find us a buyer, negotiate a deal with them, find us a beautiful new home in a an amazing neighbourhood, and have all us moved in. 
I would think that probably breaks some kind of record, at least nowadays, in Fort McMurray!!
It was a whirlwind ride, and I almost tore my hair out a couple of times, but it was well worth it. 
Free advice, If you're selling or buying a home, and want things to happen fast, call Traci Borer. 
She'll get the job done! 
Thanks again for everything Traci. You were fantastic!!!
We are sincerely grateful,
Cathy and Nelson Pollard

Traci is a realtor whose smarts, professionalism and hard work make her the person you want representing you. During the whole process of selling our home - we knew she had our best interests at heart!

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